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6.6.2 Return operation status as part of mutation response.

Every mutation is an operation that modifies data. So it would be great to have an indicator that shows whether operation was successfully or not. One common pattern in REST-world is to use HTTP status code. In GraphQL we can use a similar approach.

GraphQL doesn't depend on protocol - it can be used with http, WebSocket, telnet, ssh and other. One GraphQL-mutation can contain multiple operations that can be completed with different statuses and have different errors. Developers that came from REST-world suffer absence of HTTP status code, and someone even try to reinvent it in GraphQL-server. So why not to add status field in your mutation response then?!

type CreatePersonPayload {
   record: Person
+  status: CreatePersonStatus! # fail, success, etc. Or 201, 403, 404 etc.
   # ... any other fields you like

Field status could be Enum with the limited range of possible values. This Enum could be unique per mutation / business entity or shared across application - it depends.