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6.2. Think out of the CRUD box - create small mutations for different business operations against the resources.
type ArticleMutations {
   create(...): Payload
   update(...): Payload
+  like(...): Payload
+  unlike(...): Payload
+  publish(...): Payload
+  unpublish(...): Payload

With GraphQL, you should go above typical CRUD (create, read, update, delete). If you will hang all of the changes on update mutation, it will immediately become too massive and hard to maintain. And here we're talking not about simple editing of title or description but about something that is "complex". E.g. for article publishing, create publish and unpublish. Likes needed? Create like and unlike mutations. Remember, your clients barely imagine the whole structure of connections between your data and what field does what. So these simple and useful operations make so the client can get what is possible very quickly.

While server-side can easier distinct what kinds of operations are the most popular. To optimize heavy paths only.